Medication Compliance Can Be Tracked With Electronic Transmitters In Pills

Medication Compliance Can Be Tracked With Electronic Transmitters In Pills

New technology, which will allow the U.S government to monitor if ordinary citizens are complying with taking prescribed drugs is in development since the health care monopoly belongs to the United States government.  New pills could be “electronically outfitted with transmitters”, as U.S. Senate Committee on Aging states. That pill will help to track patients’ compliance with prescribed drugs and send the specific information back to healthcare specialists who will check if those medications are effective and if they are compliant.

Robin Felder, the professor in the University of Virginia said, that the technologies will allow electronically outfitted with transmitters pills to connect with the user’s wristwatch (or another interface) and transmit the data about the pill to be consumed. With the help of connectivity of the devices, the medical record of the patient will be updated automatically, with regard to medication efficacy and/or compliance.

For example, this technology will allow health operators from the government to check if you have taken all of your prescribed psychiatric medications and dispatch health care agent to your door, if you will stop take your medications, so they will make sure, that you start to take the medication. If you try to get rid of your medications by flushing them down the toilet, instead of taking them, the lack of the electronic signal will let the health care observers know about the veer from taking the medication. Some parents are trying to protect their children from taking toxic medical therapies (chemotherapy, for example). Those parents will be closely monitored by medical health care agents and government.


That is not enough for the government just to monopolize the health care system, it also wishes to control your compliance with it. You can consider it the part of a new push called Electronic Care (E-Care), which includes a lot of new electronic devices for monitoring different aspects of health:  blood sugar monitoring, blood pressure monitoring device etc. Those devices can report about the level of the sugar in your blood, so you could take some diabetic medications if needed and report about it to your doctor.

One of the goals of this monitoring technology is to get a monitoring chip installed in the arm. The chip will check your blood by running some tests in a specific period of time. This technology could be used in the positive and negative ways. The positive one is to prevent cancer, some hormonal illnesses, kidneys or liver issues by detecting the early signs of those illnesses. The negative one is to control citizens, prevent them from taking any different drugs or even vitamins, which were not prescribed by a doctor or just “non-compliant” drugs or food in government opinion.

Ultimate positive goal

As CNSNews reports, the areas of interest include medicines that can report, if they have been taken on time and also monitor a nutritional information.

There’s no doubt, that the government will tell, that monitoring and tracking all this data is for your own good. But the information in the chip (RFID), which is implanted in a hand, can be read by a specific reader in airports, schools or other government controlled facilities and used for a variety of different metrics.

This technology will help the authorities the easiest and the best way to find and arrest people, who avoid taking their antidepressants or any drugs, which should keep them calm, for example. Otherwise, those people could be dangerous and should be isolated, until they start taking their medications and released back.

U.S. senator Ron Wyden told, that the device will connect to other devices which measure sugar and blood pressure levels and upload the data to a medical health record that is monitored by a healthcare professional.

Another part of E-Care technology includes the remote medications administration. A supply can be worn on your body and injected if needed. For example, the low sugar level or a high blood pressure. It’s possible, that the medication could be injected by the remote command.

The technology is pretty impressive and let’s hope, that the system will be used only for positive purposes. Otherwise, it could be just an instrument, to control citizens and get even more benefits from the monopolization of health care system of the U.S.


Dmytro Nikolayev

Dmytro Nikolayev spent many years working in the field of healthcare, especially in its technical part. Gained much experience in Open Data and Machine Readable Formats used in the industry. Also, built several IT projects that were designed to help people with their healthcare decisions. Now he is an editor and author of Pharmacy Near Me

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