Valley Pharmacy Celebrates 50 Years with Community and Commitment

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The Valley Pharmacy, a cornerstone of Valley, Alabama 36854 for an impressive 50 years, recently hosted a grand celebration. The event was a testament to the deep appreciation our community holds for John Minter, RPH. Not just a boss, but a pivotal figure at the drug store since 1974, John’s contributions have left an indelible mark on our hearts and our town.

Since 1952, this spot has been home to a drug store, a testament to the enduring legacy of Valley Pharmacy. When John Minter assumed leadership, he bestowed the name that has become synonymous with our community. Even after stepping down in 2012, with Angie and Craig Moore taking the reins, John’s presence as a drug store worker continues to be felt.

At the party, Angie talked about her many years working with Minter. “I learned a lot from John. I learned that our customers are first. We always keep them first. They are our friends, our family,” she said.

Putting the folks and caring service first was a strong note at the party. “John [Minter] has molded me into the person I am today,” Angie said. She told us about her short time at CVS that made her miss Valley Pharmacy: “It didn’t take me long to realize I wasn’t at Valley Pharmacy anymore.”

The outdoor bash wasn’t just about the drug store’s long history but also to cheer on Minter’s fifty years of hard work. Many past workers showed up, proving the strong bonds made during Minter’s time there.

Minter, who went to Auburn University, started working in drugs just after he got his degree in 1970. Four years on, he bought what was then Genes Drug and turned it into a place with a name that spoke of his own town.

Craig talked about how deep Minter is in the town. “He’s a lifelong resident. He understands how the people think,” he said. “Way back to like the foundation of a textile community, there was just a certain level of kinship amongst the people. He continued that with his good personality and good humor.”

The Alabama House gave a big nod to Minter and his drug store, showing how much he’s done. “During his time as a small business owner and pharmacist, John Minter has seen a great deal of change in the Valley area and in general pharmacy practices, including the introductions of computers and insurance drug cards; however, the one thing that has not changed is John’s commitment to the health and well-being of the community and his love and devotion to his customers,” the official words said.

After the talks, the party went on in the drugstore. People looked at old medicine bottles and classic ads, seeing the story of the place. The big moment was a cake with a huge “50” that showed the long run of Valley Pharmacy and what John Minter had given to his town.

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