Walmart Health’s Expansion into Texas and Beyond: More Than Just a Retail Experience


Walmart is making waves in the healthcare sector and is set to open new Walmart Health Centers across Texas and Missouri. This expansion signals a significant shift in how we access healthcare, with Walmart Health positioning itself as a convenient, all-in-one healthcare solution. By the year’s end, residents in the Houston metro area will have eight new centers, the Dallas/Fort Worth region will gain 10, and Kansas City will welcome four.

Houston, We Have a Solution!

  • Launching Next Week: The first of these centers is opened in Houston this week, kick-starting a gradual rollout over the summer and fall. Walmart Pharmacy is also present there.
  • A Steady Spread: This move is just the beginning of a larger plan, aiming to open over 75 Walmart Health locations by early 2025.

Behind Walmart Health’s Vision

  • Focused on Convenience and Personalization: David Carmouche, Walmart’s senior vice president of healthcare delivery, highlights the company’s commitment to making healthcare not only more accessible but also tailored to individual needs.
  • Expanding Footprints: Walmart’s expansion into Missouri and extended presence in Texas showcase its earnest efforts to make healthcare services more widespread.

A One-Stop Healthcare Experience

  • Since 2019: Walmart Health’s facilities, introduced in 2019, offer various services, including dental, primary care, behavioral health, x-rays, and labs – all under one roof.
  • Streamlining Healthcare: This approach simplifies the often-complicated journey of managing health needs, making it easier and more efficient for patients.

In Conclusion: Healthcare Meets Everyday Shopping

Walmart Health’s latest move is not just an expansion – it’s a groundbreaking reimagining of how we approach healthcare. By bringing essential services into familiar settings, Walmart is not just growing its healthcare division; it’s revolutionizing how we think about and access healthcare. As these new centers open up, the promise is clear: quality healthcare could soon be as simple as a trip to your local Walmart.

Nick Alexson

Nick Alexson spent many years working in the field of healthcare, especially in its technical part. Gained much experience in Open Data and Machine Readable Formats used in the industry. Also, built several IT projects that were designed to help people with their healthcare decisions. Now he is an editor and author of Pharmacy Near Me

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