Walmart Announces Closure of Health Centers and Virtual Care Services Despite Recent Expansions

Walmart Announces Closure of Health Centers and Virtual Care Services Despite Recent Expansions

BENTONVILLE, Arkansas, April 30, 2024—Today, Walmart Inc. announced that it will shut down its Walmart Health clinics and Virtual Care. This move is coming five years after the start in 2019, even though new spots in Texas and Missouri have just opened up. Walmart states it is due to high costs and money problems, like big bills to keep it going and hard pay-back times.

All 51 health places across five states and online care will close. Walmart knows this will hurt the patients who need these services, the hard-working staff, and the towns that support them. Walmart cares for the health of its clients and helps them.

Walmart wants to be kind and supportive during the shutdowns. They will share info when needed.

Walmart won’t stop providing health services. It has many pharmacies and eye care places nationwide. These have been important for providing health help for four decades, often in spots with no other choices. They give shots, tests, good drug support, health advice, and checks.

Walmart’s eye care is improving with new tech: online shopping for glasses. The company is keen on doing its main jobs well and trying fresh ideas, like the Walmart Healthcare Research Institute and other health work.

As the clinics shut, Walmart’s first task is to keep caring for its patients and supporting its workers. Workers affected can go to other Walmart or Sam’s Club places. They will be paid for three months as they choose to move or go. Then, they’ll get extra cash for moving if they qualify and haven’t moved or quit yet. Caregivers will still care for patients while the clinics are open and will be paid for three months, then get money for moving if needed.

Walmart thanks all the staff, caregivers, and patients at the Walmart Health clinics. This step shows Walmart’s goal to help customers save and live well while meeting the changing needs of its shoppers and the health industry.

Does this news make us ask if health services with stores can work long-term? As people in a community, how can we ensure that ending such help doesn’t create a hole in access to health care? Walmart invites you to stay in touch as they go through this and to keep coming to our drug and eye shops for your health needs. Your care stays their big worry.

For more information about Walmart and its services, visit Walmart Corporate.

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