The National Association of Specialty Pharmacy 2020

The National Association of Specialty Pharmacy 2020

The National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP), a charitable association outlining all specialty drugstore industry stakeholders, announces that this year’s Annual Meeting & Expo will be transitioning to a virtual conversation experience.

At the meeting will be present senior managers, drugstore executives, staff pharmacologists, experts, and other staff from specialty medicine providers, infusion medicines, pharma/biotech companies, institutional drugstores, directed care groups, GPOs, wholesalers, and strategic partners and suppliers to the production.

Such annual meetings are extremely essential for the both pharmacology development and personal cooperation among all the drugstore representatives.To be aware of all the brand-new items of the modern medical industry, take advantage of the possibility to engage in advancing education sessions and further associations with all the members in their field.

The Overall Drugstore Review

Utilizing novelty and modern technology, our Annual Meeting Virtual Experience enables you to improve your knowledge safely, earn needed CPE credits to meet your yearly state licensure conditions, share best methods, foster connections and synergies and celebrate what is individual about specialty drugstore all from the convenience of your own home or office at a significant discount.

Pre-conference establishments will be held on Monday, September 14th, with the Annual Meeting & Expo assemblies and events taking place over the next four days — Tuesday, September 15th through Friday, September 18th. The meeting’s following daily start time and reduced regular schedule are intended to allow all attendees across the country, regardless of time zone, to take in. This will be the next most significant thing to being there.

Pre-Conference Workshops

The virtual adventure will offer nationwide renowned keynote speakers, continuing medical and judicial education credits through live sessions and five pre-conference workshops, satellite symposia, individual sponsorship events, great networking possibilities, the Women in Specialty Pharmacy experience, industry awards, scholarship presentations, the first National Association of Specialty Pharmacy innovation challenge, and even personalized avatars.

Attendees will also be able to effectively explore the exhibition hall and interact with exhibitors, host special meetings, and view analysis abstracts. To view the schedule, click here for further particulars.

The In-Person Communication

“This practical interview experience will be unlike any other. Having to forgo our in-person meeting this year is very difficult. However, it granted us an incredible possibility – to deliver a state-of-the-art, must not miss, interactive Annual Meeting & Expo Experience while assuring the advanced health and safety of our attendees.

We are designing a conference activity that will allow attendees to engage in the NASP Annual Meeting & Expo virtual reality experience, abandoning all that our attendees, supporters, and exhibitors love and expect from our in-person assemblage. We truly will have it all, and this will be the next best thing to being there,” said Sheila M. Arquette, RPH, NASP executive director.

The Online Studying Center

The organization presents an online studying center present accredited continuing pharmacy education programs, hosts a yearly meeting with education assemblies, and maintaining education credits and is the only company that offers a certification plan for specialty pharmacists.

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