Walmart Released Masks and Vaccinations Guidance

Walmart Released Masks and Vaccinations Guidance

On May 14, Walmart released new guidance to U.S. field associates regarding masks and vaccinations.

“We’re encouraging all associates to get vaccinated and help end this pandemic. Do it for your health, your family, your friends, your community and your country – let’s help reach our national vaccination goals by the Fourth of July, ” – Walmart said.

$75 for Getting Vaccinated

Walmart promised to all field associates to provide $75 as a thank you for getting vaccinated. The company announced the list of requirements for getting this bonus:

  • This applies to all current U.S. field-based Walmart, Sam’s Club and Supply Chain associates (hourly and salaried) below the level of facility manager.
  • It applies to everyone who has already been fully vaccinated and those who get vaccinated in the future.
  • You will need to provide proof that you’ve been vaccinated (the process begins Tuesday, May 18, and at scheduled times thereafter; more on that below), and the $75 will be added to your paycheck after it is processed.
  • “Fully vaccinated” means it has been two weeks since a person received the second dose of Pfizer or Moderna or the single dose of Johnson & Johnson.

“Getting vaccinated is free and it’s easy to do. We offer vaccines in all of our more than 5,100 Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacies, as well as through special events. You can make an appointment through the schedulers, or you can simply walk into the pharmacy to get your shot. You can be vaccinated while on the clock or receive two hours of paid time off to do so, whether at our locations or elsewhere. We also provide up to three days paid leave for adverse reactions to the vaccine,” – Walmart report.

Fully Vaccinated People, Masks and Vaccinations

Walmart allow fully vaccinated worker to be eligible to work without a mask, associates need to answer “yes” to the vaccination question in the daily health assessment. ” If you are not vaccinated, we expect you to answer “no” and to continue to wear a face covering. Integrity is one of our core values, and we trust that associates will respect that principle when answering,” – the company comment.

To receive the $75 bonus worker must show original, completed vaccine card for visual inspection to your people leads in stores, HR managers in DCs/FCs, and Merch/Compliance ASM or Club Manager in clubs to confirm person have been vaccinated. Management will then process a one-time payment.

“We will begin this process next Tuesday, May 18. We’re also working on a new digital solution that should let us move away from answering the daily vaccination question in the health assessment in the future for vaccinated associates. These are positive developments. We can do this. We’ve been through a lot this year, and now we need to do our part to finish this. We encourage you to get vaccinated and to tell your friends and fellow associates. Thank you to all of you who have already chosen to make a difference and thank you to all of you who will choose to do so now,” – Walmart said.

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