The Hi-School Pharmacy Customer Support

The Hi-School Pharmacy: Customer Support

Hi-School Pharmacy is taking the COVID-19 pandemic by initiating several measures that started with the onset of the disorder. The Vancouver, Wash.-based chain stated its aims to defend its employees and clients include social distancing and curbside pickup settings.

Hi-School Pharmacy has given all help with cleaning results at their station, as well as regularly disinfecting during the day. Its workers wear a badge to remind clients to keep a 6-ft—distance for everyone’s protection.

In addition, signage on its front doors helps social distancing, and floor places have listed 6 ft, apart from helping clients distance themselves correctly while in line. Plexiglass shields also have been placed at records to protect consumers and employees.

Healthy Society

“Our mindset is clear and directed. We have one goal in mind; we will keep our society healthy by all senses of the word,” replied Austin Blakeslee, manager of the drugstore at Hi-School Pharmacy.

“We have diligently fought to stay forward of the curve to keep our neighborhoods strong. Through all of our applications, we’ve been fortunate enough so far not to have any verified cases of COVID-19 among any of our workers,” Blakeslee told.

“We believe this is the fruit of our labors in putting our critical areas clean and sanitized and firmly adopting social distancing rules.”

Blakeslee also told that one client brought a dozen roses for an worker, who helped her because she felt alone and scared to go to the store. “Now, she can shop with certainty; she’ll get the results she demands, and she’ll stay healthy in the method,” he said.

Paper Goods

Blakeslee also recommended Hi-School Pharmacy corporate customers for keeping shelves stocked. “We’ve been innovative and original, and consistently been able to accommodate everything from the washing and paper goods to the OTC/HABA results that our clients need,” Blakeslee told.

“We have had many opinions of our clients shopping elsewhere, looking for results to no avail and getting everything they require at Hi-School Pharmacy. We are delighted to have so many different clients to call companions as we all get through this together.”

Hi-School Pharmacy is providing a bonus for all workers, which amounts to a greater than $2-per-hour increase, and the business has increased employees’ in-store discount to a cost-plus 10% model.

The Movement Ahead

“Our communities have required a response, and we’ve heard them loud and clear. We’re here for them no matter what the days ahead bring,” Blakeslee told. “We think our works will save lives.

We are resilient and we will stay positive. The more seriously we take precautions, the quicker we will all get through this. It’s in our hands.”

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