Walgreens And Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day is back at Walgreens for its sixth year, and while the purpose of placing money to put a stop on the youth poverty that is more critical now than ever. The iconic Red Nose is showing up somewhat inconsistent.

This year, Walgreens is excited to donate the first-ever iconic Red Nose digitally–allowing the spirit of Red Nose Day to unite individuals to spread joy practically and raise the consciousness of the cause, even while staying home and continuing separately.

“Red Nose Day has always been about celebrating service and caring, and our responsibility to support kids in need is more important than ever before,” has stated Richard Ashworth, a president of Walgreens.

“The digital Red Nose is an easy and safe way for people to provide direct care to the kids and societies that are most exposed to the COVID-19 health pandemic, particularly at a time when real distance makes traditional ways of handling.”

Safe Shelter

Now through May 30, all the customers can get their digital Red Nose by giving online at Walgreens.com/RedNoseDay. A donation will open a unique Red Nose filter that can be taken on Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat.

Walgreens helps everyone who gives to show their Red Nose Day spirit by sharing a selfie wearing their digital Red Nose, tagging @walgreens, and #NosesOn, then inviting friends and family to do the same.

One hundred percent of these contributions will go to Red Nose Day, helping grantee partner companies that help kids in need stay safe, healthy and prepared through nutritious meals, instructional support, safe shelter and more –as the terms and economic hardship rise significantly for this group in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The First Digital Red Noses

“For five years, Red Nose Day has tapped into the power of laughter, action, and entertainment to bring Americans together to change the accounts of millions of children in need,” said Alison Moore, CEO of Comic Relief US, the nonprofit group behind Red Nose Day.

“We’re happy, in partnership with Walgreens, to have been able to launch the first digital Red Noses, proceeding to give people an easy way to come together and show their care for helpless kids. Millions of kids in need here and around the world are experiencing from the destructive forces of COVID-19 – this may be our most prominent Red Nose Day yet.”

People Assistance

Since 2015, Walgreens has proudly served as the independent retailer of the Red Nose – an annual tradition that both clients and employees happily assume. This year, the digital Red Nose filter returns the real Red Nose traditionally sold in Walgreens stores.

This decision was made out of an excess of care for the protection of the areas we work and to help people adhere to health tips to stay home when potential and avoid face touching. For that shopping in-store that wishes to donate, they can still do so by telling their cashier.

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