National Association of Specialty Pharmacy In 2020

National Association of Specialty Pharmacy In 2020

The National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP), a charitable company serving specialty drugstore industry stakeholders, called former NFL quarterback and Pro Football Hall of Fame member Jim Kelly as a keynote speaker for the 2020 NASP Annual Meeting & Expo. Kelly’s keynote performance will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 15, from 4 to 5 p.m., at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, D.C.

Kelly served his eleven seasons in the NFL, all with the Buffalo Bills. His hallmark is his toughness. From facing a career-threatening accident in his school days to managing the Buffalo Bills to an original four straight AFC championships, Kelly’s resolution has been questioned time and again.

Diagnosis That Changed Life

After Kelly withdrew from the NFL, his only son, Hunter, was diagnosed with a fatal neurological condition called Krabbe illness. Kelly and his wife, Jill, founded the Hunter’s Hope Foundation to raise information and fund study for a cure for Krabbe illness and other leukodystrophies.

They are also advocates for regular screening of newborns. Hunter died at age eight on Aug. 5, 2005.

On Jun. 3, 2013, Kelly was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, a form of cancer, in his top jaw. He underwent an operation at a clinic in Buffalo, New York, and went into relief.

In March 2014, Kelly’s cancer recurred, and he underwent radiation and chemotherapy medications. Doctors confirmed in September 2014 that he was cancer-free. On Mar. 1, 2018, he was diagnosed with cancer again. The tumor was surgically extracted, and practitioners started reconstructive surgery on Kelly’s upper jaw. After the surgery, he was back cancer-free.

Strength In Vulnerability

“We are excited to declare Jim Kelly as a keynote speaker,” stated Sheila M. Arquette, RPH, National Association of Specialty Pharmacy Executive Director. “His achievements on the football field are rare. He has overcome great difficulty and struggle, and his triumphs and successes off the field are even more amazing.

Kelly and his wife, Jill, have accommodated to raise knowledge and education about Krabbe’s condition and other leukodystrophies. Through their support, they have served to further investigation for life-saving medicines and hope for a cure.

Kelly Tough means finding strength in vulnerability, hope amid heartache, and joy notwithstanding pain, and I am so excited to welcome one of my hometown’s heroes to the NASP Annual Meeting & Expo and have him share his exciting and interactive communication of hope and resiliency with our convention attendees.”

The NASP Annual Meeting & Expo hosts over 1,200 specialty chemistry experts, including senior-level executives, drugstore directors, staff pharmacologists, experts, and other management-level personnel, from specialty medicine providers, infusion medicines, pharma and biotech manufacturers, institutional drugstores, supervised care systems, data administration and analytic systems, group purchasing companies, businesspeople, and suppliers to the business.

Drugstore Promotion

The yearly event highlights conference workshops, school programs, and panel proposals, maintaining legal training and continuing druggist education credits, a practice druggist certification exam training course, posters and abstracts, business awards and recognitions, and a large exhibition hall.

Don’t miss Kelly’s important message. For additional data and to register for the NASP Annual Meeting & Expo, please visit NASP Reduced registration rates are available through May 31.

NASP is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit trade association. It is the only charitable national association serving all stakeholders in the work chemistry business, including the nation’s leading specialty drugstores, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies, health plans and combined delivery methods, wholesalers, group purchasing plans, and medicine benefit managers.

An Online Education Center

The mission of NASP is to elevate the use of specialty drugstore by producing and promoting continuing expert education and certification while pushing for public policies that ensure sufferers have proper access to specialty medicines in tandem with critical services.

The organization presents an online education center instant accredited continuing medical education plans, hosts an annual meeting that offers education sessions and continuing training credits, and is the only organization that provides a certification program for specialty druggists.

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