CDC Reports New Coronavirus Data

This week testified surges in investigations, clinical cases, possible treatment competitors, and FDA authorization of medicines for the novel coronavirus illness 2019 (COVID). As established case numbers progress their peak in the United States, the health system’s answer to the virus has been on high alert.

Here’s a collection of the most advanced coronavirus data report:

ASHP Urges Action to Address Shortages of Supportive Ventilation Medications

Last week, in a letter to Vice President Pence, ASHP Chief Executive Officer Paul W. Abramowitz, PharmD, demanded that the Administration initiate meaningful increases in the manufacturing of supportive medicines critical to freeing and treating sufferers with critical COVID-19.

Emergency Devices

In the letter, Abramowitz revealed that, although ASHP is thankful for the action the Administration has taken to accommodate hospitals with required personal emergency devices and ventilators, they “will be rendered ineffective without an adequate amount of the medicines…that must be given concomitantly with automatic ventilation in critically ill sufferers…to ensure the successful use of life-saving supportive care.”

CDC: COVID-19 Hospitalizations Highest Among Older Adults, Those With Underlying Conditions

The CDC has implemented the updated news of population-based COVID-19-associated hospitalizations between March 1-28, and clinical information on admitted cases between March 1-30, in 99 counties and 14 states.

The research, which was written in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, emphasizes the importance of continuing to follow cultural distancing, respiratory hygiene, and face-covering plans to flatten the curve.

The CDC report disputes that hospitalization rates rise with age and are highest among older grown-ups. Additionally, the preponderance of those hospitalized for COVID-19 disease has at least one underlying condition.

Peculiarities Of Child Illness

Children May Not Always Have Fever, Cough with COVID-19 Infection

Children with COVID-19 may not produce a temperature or cough as often as adults with the virus, according to current introductory findings distributed in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

Previous data have recommended that pediatric COVID-19 cases are typically less stringent than cases seen in adults and that children may perform with many symptoms.

Pharmacy Groups Praise HHS Guidance Allowing Pharmacists to Provide COVID-19 Testing

A combination of national and local chemistry methods is praising the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) ruling to allow licensed druggists to order and administer COVID-19 tests during the current coronavirus virus pandemic.

“Pharmacologists, in partnership with other healthcare providers, are well-positioned to support COVID-19 testing expansion. Pharmacists are trusted healthcare professionals with built relationships with their patients,” HHS stated in an April 8 guidance.

“The large preponderance of Americans live close to a retail or free community-based medicine. That closeness discounts travel to testing areas, which is an inherent mitigation action.”

The Drugstore Upgrade

“The convenience and plenty of retail and free community-based drugstores make druggists the first point of contact with a healthcare expert for many Americans,” stated HHS Assistant Secretary for Health Brett P. Giroir, MD, in a press release.

“This will additionally expand testing for Americans, especially our healthcare workers and first responders who are going around the clock to provide care, kindness, and protection to others.”

FDA Issues Warning for Chlorine Dioxide Products Claiming to Treat COVID-19

Officials with the FDA published a warning letter to a company marketing false and hazardous chlorine dioxide products for the interception and treatment of COVID-19, according to a press statement. The result, identified as “Miracle Mineral Solution,” is being sold online and marketed as a treatment, despite having no objective evidence confirming the safety and effectiveness of its use. The FDA has beforehand issued a warning to customers urging them to stop taking such chlorine dioxide results after receiving news of the products making people sick.

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