Abacus Health Products: Charlotte’s Web

Abacus Health Products Charlotte’s Web

The Boulder, Colo.-based company, is taking Abacus Health Products, which exchanges the CBD Medical and CBD Clinic brands. The event is required to give the organization roughly 34.7% market share in the FDM channel.

Charlotte’s Web is advancing an asset that will give it a meaningful edge in the food/drug/mass CBD market. The deal will see Charlotte’s Web giving a total investment compensation of $99 million in stock.

Abacus shareholders will support 0.85 of a common share of Charlotte’s Web per Abacus share. Charlotte’s Web published the deal by combining its CBD wellness outcomes and Abacus’ OTC topicals, which will make it the world’s largest vertically combined CBD business.

Consolidated sales for the new business

“The complementary strengths of our relevant market requirements made this merger a certain logical move,” declared Deanie Elsner, CEO of Charlotte’s Web. “With this acquisition, we strengthen the company to reveal the evolution of the class. Because most of Abacus goods are placed in nearby categories, our combined shipping reach has insufficient shelf overlap.

Together we are the most advanced CBD business across every channel and segment and placed to stimulate our growth and extend our market share. Moreover, it allows us to drive more scale goods through our vertically combined support.”

Consolidated sales for the new business were $29.1 million for the third quarter of 2019. Currently, Abacus Health Products administers more than 50 SKUs across 12,000 doors and 16,500 healthcare practitioners. The addition to Charlotte’s Web gives the business an essential expansion in topicals and local skincare.

It also continues a foothold in the personal care and value segment that Abacus gained through its February acquisition of Harmony Hemp. Overall, the company expects its food retail market share to reach 23% through the transaction, which also will boost its drug channel share to 43.5%.

“This transaction presents a unique chance to our shareholders and representatives to participate in the compelling potential of the related businesses,” said Perry Antelman, CEO of Abacus. “Abacus is one of the most comprehensive suppliers and wholesalers in the United States of topical products infused with hemp collection to the F/D/M and healthcare practitioner businesses.

By joining with Charlotte’s Web, we have the opportunity to maximize our growth by leveraging the company’s managing brand, upright integration, support, expertise, financial position, and capital markets presence, and position the combined company to deliver benefits for our stakeholders over the long-term.”

Court Approvals On Abacus Health

The acquisition still is subject to approval by abacus shareholders, who have been encouraged by the Abacus board of leaders to vote in favor of the transaction at an expected extraordinary meeting that will be convened after regulatory and court approvals as well as other closing conditions have been completed.

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