Your Health And Fitness Solutions

Your Health And Fitness Solutions

Healthy living is an untold story. One of the major concerned that is increased rapidly across the world in recent times is physical health. Everyone is suddenly have awakened to the cruel reality of life that physical health is the most basic need and that you can’t afford to ignore it, not anymore. Your body is the physical world that you represent. The minute you walk into a room people can tell a lot about your habits as well as what you think about yourself just by looking at your physical health. One can look at your body and can tell whether you take care of your health or abuse your health. Here is a simple truth; without enjoying great health, energy and vitality all the richest in the world can never be enjoyed.

The sad thing about human nature is that people want to pay attention to their health only after they realize that they have been going through symptoms of degenerative disease like Arthritis or having a mild cardiovascular attack. Our human body is considered to be the most secret temple in the world. Eventually we know that, but we don’t treat this temple well enough.

Let me tell you about a fact; if we begin to care for our health, how do we care?  Very often we care for the fitness  and weight loss and we assume that we are caring for our health. These days a vast majority of people talk about fitness and they think that they are actually talking about health. Well, there is a big difference between fitness and health.

FITNESS is the physical ability to perform an athletic activity; HEALTH however is defined as the state all the system of the body nervous, muscular, skeletal, circulatory, digestive, hormonal etc all working in a perfect and optimum way.

The definition of health is not just the absence of symptoms, it’s actually 100% function; functioning of all the cells, all the organs and all the nerves in the body working properly.  It’s actually function of physical, emotional, chemical and spiritual well-being.

Let’s sum up the fitness and health hierarchy with some smart examples;


  • Enhance your Performance.
  • Win you competitions.
  • Improve your appearance.
  • Improves your flexibility.
  • Tone you up!


  • Makes you better in aging.
  • Ensures quality of life.
  • Lowers your stress level and blood pressure.
  • Makes you free from pains and diseases.
  • It gains you longevity.

The quality of health we enjoy is due to the flow of energy we experience every day.  When there is a hindrance to the flow of energy we begin to lose the ease within our body and then the disease strikes our body. The bottom-line is that “the quality of health is energy.” Energy is built in cellular level. Energy comes from the cell. Cells are the building blocks of all the human beings.

All physical parts in our body are made of various cells. Cells need oxygen and nutrients to produce energy. Cells must have oxygen; anything that diminishes the level of oxygen in the cells of the body is disease producing. The blood is delivering the nutrients and the oxygen to the cells. All the healthy cells have the ability to absorb oxygen and nutrients and they also have the ability to eliminate the waste in order to stay healthy.

This means that everything we put into our body has to be stimulated or eliminated from the body. A healthy cell produces energy in a healthy environment. Therefore the environment has a direct influence on the cells. A healthy environment keeps the equilibrium and when that equilibrium is lost, diseases strike. Basically to study health, we need to study healthy environment.

Symptoms of disease are a curing process of how the body is trying to get rid of its toxins. All the symptoms are nothing but various means of getting rid of poison and toxicity inside the body. The cause of disease or the symptoms are not the real problem; real problem is the source in the environment. What attracts germs to flourish in our body is the environment. The accumulation of toxic in our body causes disease. The paradigm of treating symptoms is an old paradigm.

Time to change

Now is the time to change. Modern medicines have come up with an idea that all diseases are lifestyle related diseases. If u lead a lifestyle that malnourishes your system you will attract diseases. If you lead a healthy lifestyle you will be quite disease free which is quite simple. We don’t catch disease we cause them; we create them by the way we live. We don’t catch a cold or flu but actually earn it through our lifestyle.

Our body is comprised with 70% to 80% of water. After oxygen water is the most important nutrient. A dehydrated cell is a dead or unhealthy cell. Health experts suggest that your diet must consist of 70% water rich food. A water diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables or their juices freshly squeezed. Exercise every day with essential fitness wear! It increases the blood flow which is good for brain. Exercise gives you energy; Walk 30 minutes a day and makes it a daily habit. It’s another way of getting toxins out of our body. High energy performance comes from movement; it’s the single best method available for decreasing the tension and stress which comes between your energy.

The lifestyle decision we make every day to determine our health and diseases; In the near future the real improvement in our healthcare is less likely to be driven by the advancement of medical sciences then by our improved decisions in dietary changes and our health lifestyles.


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