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(800) 658-6046

6101 43rd Street, Lubbock, Texas 79407, United States


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Maxor Specialty Pharmacy can be found at 6101 43rd Street, Lubbock, Texas 79407, United States. Maxor Specialty Pharmacy works hard to the highest-quality pharmacy services described below.

Pharmacy works as Pharmacy and Specialty Pharmacy and Community / Retail Pharmacy, with a primary focus on Home Infusion Therapy Pharmacy services. The license number is registered in Texas State, which confirms the professionalism and compliance with healthcare standards. The store is part of the Texas Maxor National Pharmacy Services Llc group. Ryan Atkinson, Sr. Dir. Pharmacy Payor Contracting, ensures our data maintains integrity and meets industry standards. Source: NPPES NPI Registry

Pharmacy provides a wide range of pharmacy services, endorsed by the inclusion in multiple health plans, ensuring comprehensive care for various community needs(Source: NUCC, PubMed):

  • Home infusion therapy services: Supplies all necessary medications and equipment for administering therapies at home.
  • Patient education for home care: Educates patients and caregivers on the safe and effective administration of infusion therapies at home.
  • OTC medication advice: Provides guidance on the safe use of over-the-counter medications for minor health issues.
  • Prescription filling: Fills medication prescriptions with accuracy and provides information on dosage and side effects.
  • Clinical and patient support services: Offers extensive support and education to enhance patient understanding and management of complex conditions.
  • Specialty medication access for complex conditions: Provides access to and management of medications for chronic or rare conditions that require complex therapies.
  • Chronic disease management consultations: Offers consultations to manage chronic diseases through comprehensive medication therapy management and lifestyle advice.
  • Health and wellness advice: Offers guidance on general health and wellness, including preventive care and lifestyle choices.
  • Health screenings: Gives tests to check many health parametrs to keep an eye on patient well-being and preventing sickness.
  • Immunizations: Administers vaccines to protect individuals from communicable diseases.
  • Medication dispensing: Dispenses medications as prescribed, ensuring proper dosages and patient understanding.
  • Medication therapy management: Reviews and manages patient medication regimens, especially for chronic diseases, to optimize outcomes and reduce errors.
  • Patient counseling: Provides information on medication usage, side effects, interactions, and lifestyle modifications.

Call Pharmacy at (800) 658-6046 for any inquiries or visit us to experience firsthand the quality services that have made us a staple in the Lubbock community since they started to work on Jul 02 2020.

According to the official NPPES profile of the Pharmacy, the Pharmacy Owner updated information on Mar 02 2022 last time, our records are a testament to our ongoing commitment to maintaining current and useful information for our customers. Pharmacy Near Me Team also tried to manually add and verify pharmacy hours and other information with additional updates from Healthcare Insurance Companies Data. Last check by our Team was on Jun 15 2024. The data for this page is updated on weekly basis. Our data is cross-referenced with multiple healthcare databases(NPPES, FDA, Census, NUCC, States Divisions of Medical Quality Assurance’s Profiles Data, Health Insurance companies) to ensure the highest level of accuracy. Also, the page is reviewed quarterly by our Team to ensure accuracy.


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Health Insurance Plans MAXOR SPECIALTY PHARMACY accepts

Issuer Network State Plan Year Last Updated
Aetna Health Inc. (a PA corp.) PREFERRED IN 2024 Jun 15 2024
Oscar Insurance Company PREFERRED OK 2024 Jun 18 2024
Oscar Insurance Company PREFERRED MI 2024 Jun 17 2024
USAble Mutual Insurance Company PREFERRED AR 2024 Jun 03 2024
Oscar Health Plan of North Carolina, Inc PREFERRED NC 2024 Jun 18 2024
Oscar Insurance Company PREFERRED MO 2024 Jun 17 2024
Avera Health Plans, Inc. COMMERCIAL SD 2024 Jun 07 2024
Oscar Health Plan of Georgia PREFERRED GA 2024 Jun 17 2024
Oscar Insurance Company PREFERRED NE 2024 Jun 18 2024
USAble HMO, Inc. NON-PREFERRED AR 2024 Jun 03 2024
Oscar Insurance Corporation of Ohio PREFERRED OH 2024 Jun 18 2024
Oscar Insurance Company PREFERRED IA 2024 Jun 17 2024
Oscar Insurance Company PREFERRED KS 2024 Jun 17 2024
Oscar Insurance Company of Florida PREFERRED FL 2024 Jun 17 2024
Oscar Insurance Company PREFERRED VA 2024 Jun 17 2024
Oscar Insurance Company PREFERRED TN 2024 Jun 17 2024
Oscar Insurance Company PREFERRED TX 2024 Jun 17 2024
BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee PHARMACY TN 2024 May 31 2024
Oscar Health Plan, Inc. PREFERRED AZ 2024 Jun 17 2024
HMO Partners, Inc. PREFERRED AR 2024 Jun 03 2024
Oscar Health Plan, Inc. PREFERRED IL 2024 Jun 17 2024

Source:, HealthPorta API