Hospital Reestablishes Manual Rx Process with e-Filling

Hospital Reestablishes manual Rx process with e-Filling

LIFE St. Mary clinic employs Tabula Rasa HealthCare’s pharmacy platform, which has improved lead to a 16% reduction in ER use and a 27% reduction in total hospitalization.

Hospital reestablishes manual Rx method with e-filling, performs an error rate of just .006%

LIFE St. Mary, a clinic in the Trinity Health MidAtlantic health system, had a standard process to inquire about prescription refills and fill pillboxes.

The Problem Itself

The drugstore was not combined with the electronic health record, and it did not have full bidirectional automatic prescribing.

Medicine lists were not accurate, and there was no capacity to verify the last refill date or patient agreement. The health system had prescription errors that led to emergency apartment appointments as well as widespread adherence companies that were hard to distinguish.

The Proposal

Tabula Rasa HealthCare has a complex science IT platform that improved the manual methods as well as adding inpatient security points,” stated Dan Drake, president of continuing care at the Trinity Health Mid-Atlantic health practice based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The health scheme partners with Moorestown, New Jersey-based Tabula Rasa HealthCare, using its technologies to serve the health arrangement.

“For St. Mary, at the corporate level, we have been convinced that we followed the manual process and gained cost savings early on after implementation, and at the patient level, we have been satisfied with the simplistic adherence packing and the seamless refill method.”

Dan Drake, Trinity Health Mid-Atlantic

For instance, each prescription is distributed electronically into an adherence arrangement, so LIFE St. Mary was able to follow the tedious, labor-intensive method that was prone to human error with an automatic filling method with an error rate of .006%, Drake revealed.

Additionally, the provider company qualified nursing costs, dramatically increased staff and patient comfort, and reduced prescription errors to below 1% in the first year, he continued.

“The IT implementation team was very skilled, and the transition was well maintained over a brief period,” he replied.

The Marketplace

There are many merchants of pharmacy data systems on the market now. Some of these merchants include several large companies as Allscripts, Cerner, CPSI, Epic, Healthcare Management Systems, Horizon Meds Manager, Meditech, Mediware, Netsmart, and Siemens.

The Challenge

Earlier, medicine lists were obtained by a few clinical staff posts at the time of a face-to-face appointment. The IT cloud-based drugstore platform dramatically increased way to all workers.

“Training was easy, and clinical staff had entrance to real-time prescription lists 24 hours a day,” Drake replied. “The system convenience has been a major improvement in providing care, particularly across the continuum of care, interacting with emergency rooms, hospitals, caregivers, and sufferers after hours and on the weekend.”

One modern technology had the e-messaging abilities that give a prescriber a notification to message the drugstore team live. This bidirectional simultaneous communication addresses critical matters, such as urgent alliance fills, or drug-drug communications.

“The state-of-the-art e-messaging arrangement with the pharmacologist is not only fast and highly effective, so the complete prescribing and processing time is reduced, but also it joins an extra higher level of patient protection,” stated Dr. Donna Raziano, a medical executive at LIFE St. Mary, and a board-certified geriatrician.

The Results

The clinic has reduced emergency room utilization by 16% and decreased entire hospitalization standards by 27%.

“This has been assigned to enhanced patient medication adherence and upgraded oversight by all levels of clinical personnel,” Drake revealed. “Moreover, there has been an increase in additional medicine refills due to the IT capabilities to lessen the total loss.”

Summing Up

An IT platform should have excellent ease of functionality, enhance care performance, reduce FTE expenses, advance patient safety, and have level-of-prescriber engagement, Drake told.

“For LIFE St. Mary, at the corporate level, we have been convinced that we substituted manual process and increased cost savings early on after implementation, and at the patient level, we have been content with the mere adherence packing and the seamless refill method,” he continued. “Tabula Rasa HealthCare has scored colossal value to our company.”

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