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(734) 547-9100

1549 Holmes Road, Ypsilanti, Michigan 48198, United States


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THE PHARMACY in Ypsilanti, MI.

The Pharmacy can be found at 1549 Holmes Road, Ypsilanti, Michigan 48198, United States. The Pharmacy works hard to the highest-quality pharmacy services described below.

Pharmacy works as Compounding Pharmacy and Community / Retail Pharmacy, with a primary focus on Mail Order Pharmacy services. The license number is registered in Michigan State, which confirms the professionalism and compliance with healthcare standards. The store is part of the Michigan The Pharmacy Inc group. Eihab Swidan, Vp Oper, ensures our data maintains integrity and meets industry standards. Source: NPPES NPI Registry

Pharmacy provides a wide range of pharmacy services, endorsed by the inclusion in multiple health plans, ensuring comprehensive care for various community needs(Source: NUCC, PubMed):

  • Home delivery of medications: Efficiently delivers medications directly to patients' homes, enhancing access and adherence.
  • OTC medication advice: Provides guidance on the safe use of over-the-counter medications for minor health issues.
  • Prescription filling: Fills medication prescriptions with accuracy and provides information on dosage and side effects.
  • Custom medication compounding: Creates custom medications to meet specific patient needs not met by commercially available drugs.
  • Customized medication creation: Develops unique formulations tailored to individual health requirements and preferences.
  • Dosage form alteration: Adjusts medication forms (e.g., from pills to liquid) for easier administration or absorption.

Call Pharmacy at (734) 547-9100 for any inquiries or visit us to experience firsthand the quality services that have made us a staple in the Ypsilanti community since they started to work on Mar 23 2007.

According to the official NPPES profile of the Pharmacy, the Pharmacy Owner updated information on Oct 05 2011 last time, our records are a testament to our ongoing commitment to maintaining current and useful information for our customers. Pharmacy Near Me Team also tried to manually add and verify pharmacy hours and other information with additional updates from Healthcare Insurance Companies Data. The data for this page is updated on weekly basis. Our data is cross-referenced with multiple healthcare databases(NPPES, FDA, Census, NUCC, States Divisions of Medical Quality Assurance’s Profiles Data, Health Insurance companies) to ensure the highest level of accuracy. Also, the page is reviewed quarterly by our Team to ensure accuracy.

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