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Dr. Sarah Elizabeth Stephens MD

Pediatrics Physician

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1214 Vaughn Road, Burlington, North Carolina 27217, United States
Spoken Languages: Persian, Chinese, English, Russian, Spa, Japanese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Hmong, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Laotian, Hindi, Cambodian, Thai, Korean, French creole, French, German, Portuguese
Gender: Female


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A pediatrician is concerned with the physical, emotional and social health of children from birth to young adulthood. Care encompasses a broad spectrum of health services ranging from preventive healthcare to the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic diseases. A pediatrician deals with biological, social and environmental influences on the developing child, and with the impact of disease and dysfunction on development.

Source: NUCC, CMS

Health Insurance Plans Sarah Elizabeth Stephens accepts

Issuer Network State Plan Year New Patients Last Updated
Absolute Total Care, Inc PREFERRED SC 2024 accepting May 12 2024
Cigna HealthCare of North Carolina, Inc. PREFERRED NC 2024 accepting May 07 2024
Aetna Health Inc. (a PA corp.) PREFERRED NC 2024 accepting May 10 2024
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NC PPO NC 2024 accepting May 13 2024

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