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Dr. Karen Ann Landmeier M.D.

Developmental - Behavioral Pediatrics Physician


Developmental - Behavioral Pediatrics Physician

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1214 Oak Park Drive, Fort Collins, Colorado 80525, United States
Gender: Female


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2470 Country Club Loop, Westminster, Colorado 80234, United States

(303) 956-5772

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An individual who is enrolled in an organized health care education/training program leading to a degree, certification, registration, and/or licensure to provide health care.

A developmental-behavioral specialist is a pediatrician with special training and experience who aims to foster understanding and promotion of optimal development of children and families through research, education, clinical care and advocacy efforts. This physician assists in the prevention, diagnosis, and management of developmental difficulties and problematic behaviors in children and in the family dysfunctions that compromise children's development.

Source: NUCC, CMS