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Aniqa Shahrier MD

Pediatric Cardiology Physician


Adult Congenital Heart Disease Physician

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3003 West Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard, Tampa, Florida 33614, United States
Gender: Female


Pharmacy Blue Star Customer Rating Customer Ratings

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625 6th Avenue South, St. Petersburg, Florida 33701, United States

(877) 537-4787

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A pediatric cardiologist provides comprehensive care to patients with cardiovascular problems. This specialist is skilled in selecting, performing and evaluating the structural and functional assessment of the heart and blood vessels, and the clinical evaluation of cardiovascular disease.

A physician who specializes in the care and treatment of adults with congenital heart disease. Adult congenital heart disease (ACHD) physicians are trained to understand the complexities of congenital heart disease, anatomy, physiology, surgical repairs, and long-term complications and use that to manage ACHD with acquired heart disease, including heart failure, arrhythmias, and pulmonary hypertension.

Source: NUCC, CMS

Health Insurance Plans Aniqa Shahrier accepts

Issuer Network State Plan Year New Patients Last Updated
UnitedHealthcare of Florida, Inc. PREFERRED FL 2024 accepting May 02 2024
Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company PREFERRED FL 2024 accepting May 07 2024
Health Options, Inc. PREFERRED FL 2024 not accepting May 07 2024
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida PREFERRED FL 2024 not accepting May 07 2024

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