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Poison ivy - Medication Information

Product NDC Code 55714-2497
Drug Name

Poison ivy

Type Brand
Pharm Class Allergens [CS],
Allergens [CS],
Bee Venoms [CS],
Cell-mediated Immunity [PE],
Cell-mediated Immunity [PE],
Increased Histamine Release [PE],
Increased Histamine Release [PE],
Increased IgG Production [PE],
Increased IgG Production [PE],
Non-Standardized Plant Allergenic Extract [EPC],
Plant Proteins [CS],
Seed Storage Proteins [CS],
Standardized Insect Venom Allergenic Extract [EPC]
Active Ingredients
Aconitum napellus 15 [hp_x]/ml
Apis mellifera 15 [hp_x]/ml
Bryonia alba root 15 [hp_x]/ml
Croton tiglium seed 15 [hp_x]/ml
Daphne mezereum bark 15 [hp_x]/ml
Echinacea, unspecified 6 [hp_x]/ml
Graphite 15 [hp_x]/ml
Grindelia hirsutula flowering top 15 [hp_x]/ml
Lytta vesicatoria 15 [hp_x]/ml
Ranunculus bulbosus 15 [hp_x]/ml
Rumex crispus root 6 [hp_x]/ml
Semecarpus anacardium juice 15 [hp_x]/ml
Smilax ornata root 15 [hp_x]/ml
Strychnos nux-vomica seed 15 [hp_x]/ml
Sulfur 15 [hp_x]/ml
Taraxacum officinale 6 [hp_x]/ml
Toxicodendron pubescens leaf 15 [hp_x]/ml
Urtica urens 6 [hp_x]/ml
Xerophyllum asphodeloides 30 [hp_x]/ml
Route ORAL
Dosage Form LIQUID
Labeler Name Newton Laboratories, Inc.
Package NDC Code Description
55714-2497-1 30 ml in 1 bottle, glass (55714-2497-1)
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