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CVS PHARMACY #05635 Kansas City ( cvs 64131 )

Community / Retail Pharmacy



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(816) 942-3262

11124 Holmes Rd, Kansas City, MO 64131


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Subject Unacceptable
Review My 86 yr old grandmother’s prescription was supposed to be ready 12/16/22. Today is 12/30/22 and the prescription is still not ready with no explanation other than the pharmacist “are backed up.” What makes matters worse, we continue to call to check the status of the prescription and have been lied to on multiple occasions by pharmacist saying the prescription is ready or will be ready at a specific time. When we go to CVS to pick up the prescription, it’s not ready. We been told on two separate occasions just today alone that they would have it ready. Initially it would be ready at 2pm, but it wasn’t. Then they said 5pm and we went for pick-up at 6pm and still not ready. I can understand if there was a med shortage, but that hasn’t been communicated. However they continue to lie and waste others time and gas of saying the medications will be ready. CVS needs to do better. We aren’t the only ones being turned away.
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Cvs Pharmacy is a Pharmacy that works from 09/22/2006. It is located at 11124 Holmes Rd, Kansas City, MO 64131. A location where prescription medications could be bought. Sometimes, pharmacists may prepare medications before selling them.

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