Walmart Vaccine For Healthcare Workers In NM

Walmart Vaccine For Healthcare Workers In NM

On December 2020, Walmart announced about the company plans to begin administering its first COVID-19 vaccines to health care workers in New Mexico

“The news at the end of this horrible year continues to improve! We now have a second promising vaccine to begin distributing. As I mentioned in my blog post on Dec. 10, Walmart is prepared to administer the COVID-19 vaccine at our pharmacies nationwide when we are asked to do so. Let me tell you a bit more about how we’re supporting the vaccination of health care workers in “Priority 1A” at the request of states,” – said Dr. Tom Van Gilder, Chief Medical Officer, Walmart.

Vaccination Plans

According to the plan pharmacists will be on the front lines of administering these vaccines. The first Walmart pharmacist to receive a vaccine was pharmacy clinical service manager Alexis Abbatantuono, a 13-year associate, and she is excited to support her community. Because of the vital role stores, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians will play in the immunization of communities across the country, so keeping them healthy and safe is a critical first link in the chain of wide vaccine distribution.

“We’re administering the recently approved Moderna vaccine to health care workers at select Walmart stores and Sam’s Clubs in the state of New Mexico. The New Mexico Department of Health carefully chose store locations to help ensure that the vaccine is safely administered in rural areas that need help supporting vaccine distribution to health care workers.

We’re so thankful to our pharmacists and health care workers who’ve been working tirelessly to serve the health care needs of their communities, and we’re so proud of our other front-line workers who’ve kept our communities supplied with food and other necessities,” – the company reported.

Walmart Vaccine Against COVID

As Walmart published, the company is starting a discussion with other states to support their vaccine administration efforts, and we will share those details as they become available. Also preparing more than 5,000 pharmacies at Sam’s Clubs and Walmart stores to be ready when the time comes to administer to essential workers, first responders and older Americans in “Priority 1B” and “Priority 1C,” based on the recent recommendation by the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

Besides that, the company get ready to entering into agreements with states to be able to support vaccinations where needed, whether that is in Walmart pharmacies or long-term care facilities where the states determine they need our help. Putting in place processes to inform people of when to receive the first and second doses and to report successful vaccinations. Educating associates about the vaccine, so when they are determined to be eligible, they will understand and be ready to receive the vaccine if they choose

“We will also be prepared for all Americans to receive the vaccine in the spring and summer when the broad rollout happens. In the meantime, we will continue to protect ourselves and each other by wearing a face covering, maintaining social distance and practicing recommended hygiene practices.

Walmart is a center of health and well-being for millions of Americans across the country, and administering COVID-19 vaccines is another way we’re making health care accessible for the communities we serve and support,” – Dr. Tom Van Gilder said.

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