Good Neighbor Pharmacy & the Four Core Values

Good Neighbor Pharmacy & the Four Core Values

Recently was announced new webinar “Good Neighbor Pharmacy & the Four Core Values”. Good Neighbor Pharmacy is AmerisourceBergen’s national network of independent pharmacies, provides their members with tools and resources to protect their independence and maintain their position as a vital source of personalized care in their communities. This webinar will be hosted by Jennifer Zilka is Group Vice President of Good Neighbor Pharmacy’s Field Programs and Services.

Four Core Value Centers

During this webinar Jennifer Zilka introduces viewers to the Good Neighbor Pharmacy network while discussing the four core value centers pharmacies should focus on to optimize their business: In-Store Experience, Marketing, Managed Care and Business Performance.

Jennifer Zilka oversees Good Neighbor Pharmacy’s customer-facing programs, including Business Coaching, Pharmacy Ownership Services, Retail Merchandising & Transformation Services and Good Neighbor Pharmacy Member Services. Ms. Zilka previously served as the Vice President of Good Neighbor Pharmacy Business Coaching and Pharmacy Ownership Programs, managing 18 business coaches nationwide who serve approximately 640 pharmacies in the Good Neighbor Pharmacy network. She worked with pharmacy owners and staff to keep their businesses up to date on what is coming and stay abreast of the changes in pharmacy

Good Neighbor Pharmacy business coaches, sales executives and field support teams promised to help with actionable insights, and support independent pharmacists strengthen their defining attributes by optimizing their current practices. This helps independent pharmacies improve their performance, develop deeper patient relationships, and secure their legacy in the community.

Learning Objectives:

  • The goal of this program is to provide support where it’s needed most.
  • Simplify business operations: We provide pharmacies with personalized insights and expert guidance to help them make data-driven business decisions that streamline everything they do.
  • Amplify brand and identity: We help independent pharmacies showcase their individuality, expand their services and extend their reach so more people in their community know what sets their business apart.
  • Protect independence: We negotiate ideal contracts, ensure access to products and patients, provide resources that help maximize reimbursement, preserve independent pharmacies’ legacy, and advocate for them in Washington, D.C.

Good Neighbor Pharmacy Solutions

Good Neighbor Pharmacy offers interconnected solutions tied to the four core value centers.

  • In-Store Experience: Leave a positive impression on every person who walks through your door by using proven tools and expert guidance to deliver the kind of experience your patients are craving.
  • Marketing: Attract more patients and build loyalty by executing proven marketing strategies that showcase your unique brand and extend your reach within your community.
  • Managed Care: Maximize profit margin and minimize profit leakage with solutions that combine analytics, technology, and professional services to ensure you get the reimbursement you deserve.
  • Business Performance: Perfect how your pharmacy operates with the help of a dedicated business coach who will combine deep industry knowledge with data-driven insight to improve your profitability.

The webinar will start on November 17 at 4:00 PM EST (11:00 PM EET) and help independent pharmacies optimize their business and secure their position as a vital source of care in the community.

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