Walgreens Launches Find Rx Coverage Advisor

Walgreens Launches Find Rx Coverage Advisor

On October 8th, Walgreens drugstore chain announced, Find Rx Coverage Advisor to support patients in maintaining affordable access to medications as health insurance shifts for many people during COVID-19 pandemic.

Massive loss of work places and business closure at quarantine, have caused the loss of health insurance at millions of Americans people. The new opened resource providing personalized guidance to clients, who seeking information on available health and prescription drug coverage options.

“With Medicare Part D and individual marketplace open enrollment approaching, Find Rx Coverage Advisor connects eligible customers directly to health plan partners who can assist with questions about enrollment,” – published Walgreens.

20% Off For Flu Shots

Company offers lower prices on hundreds of medications through such services as Prescription Savings Club, which offers savings of up to 80 percent off cash retail prices to all customers on thousands of medications. “Anyone can join the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club for an annual fee of $20 per individual or $35 per family. Customers can search for savings on medications through the Prescription Savings Club look up tool, and will now also save over 20 percent off the cash retail price for flu shots, where the Prescription Savings Club is available,” – the company said.

“Shifts in health insurance coverage because of job loss, life events or as you qualify for Medicare Part D can be a complicated maze of options,” said Rick Gates, senior vice president of pharmacy, Walgreens. “As champions of patient choice and prescription affordability, Walgreens collaborates with and accepts a wide range of health plans and benefits. This allows us to provide our customers with trusted resources to help find the right health insurance option for them.”

Pharmacy Efforts Running Such Services:

  • Expanding services like 90-day refills, early refill authorizations and waiving fees for one-to-two-day delivery on eligible prescriptions during shelter-in-place orders.
  • Saving qualifying patients $375 million in out-of-pocket costs on medications since the beginning of the year by connecting patients with prescription assistance programs and manufacturer coupons.
  • Providing 200,000 flu vouchers for immunizations at no cost to those in need during the upcoming flu season.
  • Partnering with manufacturers to find ways to reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket costs for medications including epinephrine auto-injectors for life-threatening allergic reactions and dermatological conditions.

Besides, customers can access a personalized report from Find Rx Coverage Advisor by answering a few questions to identify health coverage options. Walgreens writes, – “Results include available health plans in their area, including Medicaid, marketplace health plans, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans, as well as additional prescription savings resources based on the information provided. In the next month, reports can be emailed to customers for additional research or follow-up needs.”

According to the company calculations, Walgreens Prescription Savings Club have saved over $164 million off the cash retail price on prescriptions and immunizations since relaunching the program nationwide.

Company remind to their clients – “First, check with your previous employer or Human Resources department to see if temporary health benefits are available for former employees affected during this time.”

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