Bintz Pharmacy: Everything You Should Know

Bintz Pharmacy: Everything You Should Know

Bintz Pharmacy in Ponca City, Oklahoma, reopened its doors in 1979 and is currently managed by brothers Damon and Matt Bintz, who are second-generation partners of the drugstore.

Their father, Gary, freshly purchased the drugstore and suggested his sons in the business, teaching them about customer service and forging connections.“This was a large purchase for us that took us everywhere we went in life,” Matt answered. When Gary neared retirement, his sons took over the company, regarding ownership in 2017.

“It’s advantageous to have a fresh set of minds these days, as it’s a complex industry than it used to be. Self-governing medicines are often left holding the short end of the stick, so it can take an immense amount of energy to stay afloat with new designs and even analytical thinking,” Matt replied. “This makes having a companion ideal so that you can share ideas on some of the harder decisions.”

The Replacement Treatment

One of Bintz Pharmacy notable characteristics is its 4-lane drive-through, as it is housed in a former bank structure. “There are times when we have 12 cars filling the four lanes,” Matt replied. “When you pair that potential with our large lobby, we’ve been able to help as many as 20 inpatients at a time several times.”

Bintz Pharmacy stands out from its rivals in several ways. It employs the highest number of staff members of any local drugstore, pairing them with robotics to ensure efficiency and keep wait times down. The drugstore also houses a medicine disposal unit for the safety of the population and offers full-time clinical settings.

Bintz Pharmacy is the only compounding lab in North Central Oklahoma that operates a full-time compounder. Popular mixtures include hormone replacement treatment, infant and pet prescriptions, low-dose naltrexone, pain relievers, and sedatives.

Pharmacy’s Patients

The staff members at Bintz Pharmacy ensure that sufferers are addressed as soon as they come through the door and are offered help. “With 20 staff members, essentially no patient has to wait for help, and a pharmacologist is always open for discussions,” Matt said.

And the sufferers are satisfied. “We have been so fortunate to have such a pleasant and loyal sufferer base. Our victims are continually bringing in doughnuts, candy, thank-you cards, and even flowers,” Matt replied. “During December, there isn’t a day that the break room isn’t filled with gifts of food for the staff. We are all so grateful for the kindness of our society.”

Matt showed pride that the pharmacy’s “sufferers have [fewer adverse] results, are more sympathetic in taking their meds, and in turn, are more salubrious because of it.” Besides, he stated, “the doctors of our community know the extra steps we take in a value-based setting, so they are susceptible to the pioneering collaborative care of our clinical studies.”

Local Chamber Of Business

The Bintz brothers have been associated with the Oklahoma Pharmacists Association, working on getting new laws enacted and managing pharmacy good administration practices in the state.

“We lately passed a bill that will help sufferers select the drugstore of their choice with no co-payment discipline, which allows them to get their medicine sooner, with more access to counseling, medicine reviews, and a more personal relationship with their pharmacist. The bill also promotes pricing transparency,” Matt answered.

Bintz Pharmacy staff members are included in the community. Matt, for example, serves on the board of the local senior center and volunteers time teaching high subjects about health care. The medicine supports the local chamber of business, schools, and sports teams.

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