COVID-19 Consequences Will Cost Billions Dollars

COVID-19 Consequences Will Cost Billions Dollars

One of the most vital matters about the COVID-19 epidemy has been the difficulty that cases will place on the health care system in the future and COVID-19 consequences for humanity. New analysis published April 23 in the journal Health Affairs found that the spread of the virus could cost hundreds of billions of dollars in direct therapeutic costs alone and require sources such as hospital beds and ventilators that may surpass what is currently possible.

The decisions show how these values and resources can be cut considerably if the spread of coronavirus can be reduced to varying levels.

The Research Took Place

The research was led by the Public Health Informatics, Computational, and Operations Research (PHICOR) team at the City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy (CUNY SPH) along with the Infectious Disease Clinical Outcomes Research Unit (ID-CORE) at the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and Torrance Memorial Medical Center.

The organization got a computer simulation model of the whole U.S. that could then assume what would happen if various dimensions of the people end up getting attacked by the COVID-19.

In the example, each interested person would develop various signs over time and, depending upon the hardness of those symptoms, visit clinics, emergency agencies, or clinics which will cause the raise of expenses. Not to mention those caused by the further COVID-19 consequences.

In Personal Medical Costs

The support each sufferer would require, such as healthcare personnel time, medicine, hospital beds, and ventilators, would then be based on the health status of each sufferer. The model then tracks the resources involved, the associated costs, and the outcomes for each patient.

For instance, if 20 percent of the U.S. people were to become contaminated with the COVID-19 coronavirus, there would be a median of 11.2 million hospitalizations and 1.6 million ventilators used, costing a median of $163.4 billion in personal medical costs .

The study shows that adding direct medical costs for a year after hospital discharge increased the median price to $214.5 billion. If 50 percent of the U.S. people were to get affected with coronavirus, there would be 27.9 million hospitalizations, 4.1 million ventilators served, and 156.2 million clinic bed days increased, costing a median of $408.8 billion in direct therapeutic expenses during caused by COVID-19 consequences.

Resulting Health Care Costs

This grows to 44.6 million hospitalizations, 6.5 million ventilators used, and 249.5 million hospital bed days (ordinary ward plus ICU bed days) caught, costing a median of $654 billion during the disease if 80 percent of the U.S. population were to get infected.

The critical difference in medical costs when various dimensions of the people get infected shows the value of any ideas that could reduce infections and, conversely, the possible loss of merely letting the virus run its course.

“Some have suggested herd security procedures for this pandemic,” told Sarah Bartsch, project manager at PHICOR and the study’s lead author. “These systems consist of allowing people to get interested until herd stability thresholds are given, and the virus can no longer spread. Nonetheless, our research reveals that such plans could come at a great price.”

“This also illustrates what may happen if social distancing rules were comfortable and the country continued to be ‘re-opened’ too early,” answered CUNY SPH Professor Bruce Y. Lee, executive director of PHICOR and the study’s senior author.

“If the virus is still flowing and the infection rates surge. As a result, we have to hold the resulting health care costs. Such charges will change the economy as well because someone will have to pay for them. Any economic case for re-opening the country requires to factor in health care expenses.”

Long-Lasting Outcomes

The study shows how expensive COVID-19 is related to other common infectious illnesses. For instance, a single crucial COVID-19 coronavirus disease requires a median of $3,045 in direct therapeutic values during the virus alone.

This is four times higher than the asymptomatic influenza case and 5.5 times higher than the asymptomatic pertussis case. Factoring in the rates from more prolonged long-lasting results of the disease, such as lung damage and other organ damage, improved the median cost to $3,994.

“This is more proof that the COVID-19 coronavirus is very distinct from the flu,” stated Bartsch. “The burden on the health care system and the supplies needed are very complex.”

“Factoring in the interests acquired after the infection is over also adds to the costs. It is important to get that for a balance of the people who get assumed, and health care costs don’t end when the current epidemic ends,” Lee said.

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