OmniSYS And COVID-19 Tests

OmniSYS And COVID-19 Tests

Following on the feet of the Department of Health and Human Services’ report on Wednesday authorizing pharmacologists to determine COVID-19 tests, OmniSYS is giving free access to its OmniSYS Training Center.

The training center conducts pharmacologists through all phases of the process to operationalize COVID-19 testing, including needed waivers, enrollment, documentation, therapeutic gains coverage, and billing.

Clinical settings

Additionally, all existing clients of the OmniSYS cloud-based pharmacy EHR will receive instant access to COVID-19 testing contact forms to assist the mechanical documentation, reimbursement (where permitted), and care plan information at no additional charge.

“During a national dilemma like COVID-19, it’s necessary for everyone to do what they can to encourage each other. We are uniquely placed to assist clinical settings at drugstores, and we won’t help to ease the load for pharmacologists on the front lines by giving our expertise on how to operationalize COVID-19 examination encounters without drugstores having to worry about the price,” stated John King, OmniSYS CEO.

“We have always been excited about building resolutions that enable pharmacologists in their role as providers, and we’re pleased that we can offer our support to pharmacologists during this hard time so they can proceed to focus on serving their neighborhoods.”

OmniSYS Guidance For Pharmacists

Because a pharmacologist understands the role of a provider in clinical appointments such as COVID-19 testing, there are documentation and payment terms for the pharmacologist that is similar to the criteria in doctor encounters.

The OmniSYS Training Center provides contracting, credentialing, documentation, and reimbursement guidance for pharmacists in their role as providers of care.

The corresponding COVID-19 resource section within the OmniSYS Training Center presents step-by-step guidance for pharmacologists to start administering COVID-19 testing including how to order tests, apply for the necessary state permitting, manage the nasal swab, the bill for the meeting with a payer, submit positive cases and share the results with the patient’s other care providers.

Essential Clinical Services

“As a pharmacologist, yesterday’s report by HHS was a significant step in admitting the critical role that pharmacologists can play in public health. Most of the apothecaries I know, myself involved, chose this career not just to improve results through medicine but also to implement hands-on, clinical care,” stated David Pope, OmniSYS chief innovation officer.

“Pharmacologists already provide essential clinical services every day, including immunizations, medication treatment management, point-of-care testing, and diabetes knowledge. Formalizing consent for COVID-19 testing to be conducted by pharmacologists was a logical next step to help improve access to serious public health support during this time of crisis.”

During a public crisis like COVID-19, everyone requires to do what they can to help each other. We remain set to preserve clinical services at drugstores. We won’t help to reduce the burden for pharmacologists on the front lines by experiencing our expertise on how to operationalize COVID-19 testing appointments without drugstores having to worry about the price,” John King, OmniSYS chief executive officer.

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