Parata Systems vs. Funding For Employees With COVID-19

Parata Systems vs. Funding For Employees With COVID-19

Parata Systems and Comprehensive Pharmacy Services are stretching out to help drugstore operators facing financial hardship because of COVID-19.

Parata Systems has started the Pharmacy Employee Relief Fund with an initial pledge of $100,000. The fund will assist workers in retail, long-term care, hospital, and direct-to-home drug stores across the United States affected by COVID-19.

The purpose of the fund is to support pharmacologists, pharmacy professionals, and drugstore workers who are suffering financial hardship due to illness, quarantine, company closure, or school closure as a result of COVID-19.

Employee Care

“Our industrialization technology is placed in thousands of drugstores across the country. During this global change, when chemistry services are so critical, we felt it was necessary to support our drugstore customers who are giving care on the front lines for sufferers across the United States, including our families and friends, Parata Systems CEO Rob Kill told.

“We consider a COVID-19 relief fund that is completely dedicated to helping drugstore employees is required. With this, we are inviting our business partners who provide technology, pharmaceuticals, types of equipment, and services to retail, long-term, hospital, and direct-to-home pharmacies to join us by making donations to the fund.”

Parata also stated that Comprehensive Pharmacy Services would make a $100,000 donation to the store. “With a team of over 2,500 chemistry experts serving over 800 U.S. clinics today, many of whom are working immediately beside our customers on the front lines of this pandemic, CPS is proud to maintain drugstore workers across the United States during this time,” stated CPS CEO Frank Segrave.

Employee Grants

Additionally, members of the Parata board of directors, including those from lead investor Frazier Healthcare Partners and the Parata executive team, have made outstanding contributions adding $25,000 to the fund.

Parata and CPS have performed to match their initial $100,000 donation once the fund tops $10 million in grants. Contributions to the fund can be made here by agreeing on the “Be a Donor” button.

Applications for disaster relief also can be reached here by clicking on the “Get Assistance” button. Grants will be given as soon as possible to those people who meet the qualification criteria.

Subject to the availability of supplies, a one-time donation of $500 will be distributed directly to the candidate with a limit of one grant per person.

The fund will be completely operational on or before April 24, 2020, and will be governed by the Emergency Assistance Foundation. Candidate eligibility will be examined and verified by EAF.

Parata is here for all the drugstores, so they might keep going for their sufferers. Whether you require professional assistance, field service, numbers, or additional equipment to manage extended volume, we are dedicated to offering you the level of service you’ve come to anticipate from us.

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