Innovation Introduces A New CEO

Innovation Pharmaceuticals Introduces A New CEO

Innovation, the market-leading provider of high-volume drugstore mechanization technology and software resolutions to the retail, clinic, general health care, and mail order drugstore markets, has stated that Marvin Richardson would become the corporation’s chief executive officer effective April 25th.

Richardson follows Mary Reno, who has served as the chief executive officer since 1998. Ms. Reno will remain to work on the company’s board of managers as chairwoman emeritus.

Richardson has served as co-president since December 2019 when an investor consortium led by Greg Wasson, former Walgreens Boots Alliance CEO, obtained a majority stake in the business.

The New CEO Position

Richardson is a 37-year vet of medicine and health care, and an organized manager, having co-founded Capstone Consulting LLC, a drugstore automation consulting corporation, in 2015. Prior organizations established and co-owned by Richardson hold Low-Cost Health Care, PrairieStone Pharmacies, and DailyMed, an agreement packaging corporation.

Richardson has also served as a corporate officer with Rite Aid and Walgreens, where he started his pharmaceutical career.

“Innovation is here for our clients who provide significant pharmaceutical care,” stated Marvin Richardson, CEO of the company.

“We understand that improving the profession of medicine is a critical component for enhancing patient care. Innovation, with its industry-leading technology and software, is changing medicine practice to free up time for apothecaries across the country to focus on our unique and common motivation – the sufferer.”

Innovation Policy Initiatives

Ms. Reno has spent more than thirty years in executive roles in the health care business and managed closely with the company founder and former CTO Harry Boyer in 1997 to lead the firm and its mechanization platform produced for the retail drugstore industry. Since its launch, Innovation has grown in both revenue and representatives and now reaches as the business leader in providing high-volume drugstore automation arrangements.

Ms. Reno was the beneficiary of the Drug Store News’ Top Women Career Achievement award in November 2019 for her service to the business.

“These developments further position Innovation with the expert management needed to capitalize on the explosive growth possibilities before us. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to lead Innovation, satisfied to hand over the reins to Marv, and expect Innovation to flourish under his leadership while remaining true to the benefits our family lived when we began Innovation,” stated Ms. Reno.

Innovation has also stated that Co-President Tom Boyer would understand the role of Chief Strategy Officer for the business. Boyer will lead Innovation policy initiatives by forming and corresponding company goals and explaining the plans and coordination with Innovation clients and industry partners to advance the company’s view of industry management.

Innovation Facts

Innovation is the principal provider of Pharmacy Intelligence and high-volume chemistry industrialization to the retail, clinic, administration, and mail order medicine stores. Our PharmASSIST® family of drugstore automation and Symphony® software process optimization resolutions enable all types of drugstores to improve operational performance, enhance the sufferer secure, and provide a higher quality of patient care.

Updated April 11, 2020.

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  1. The author has combined information from two different companies. I believe he’s attempting to write about

    Brilacidin, the drug being tested for covid is from this company

  2. This story is inaccurate. The author has confused and mixed press release data from two unrelated companies.
    Innovation Pharmaceuticals- biopharma company researching COVID-19.
    Innovation, a Pharmacy Service provider.

  3. rick zanassi | April 10, 2020 at 7:35 pm | Reply

    Your article contains a serious error. The company Richardson works for is Innovation – not Innovation Pharmaceutical. These are two entirely different companies. You are also referencing Innovation Pharmaceuticals content re Brilacidin and the Coronavirus in the article, and that content has no relationship to Innovation. It seems you have confused, and merged, the two companies.

  4. You have two companies mistakenly intertwined. This article is completely inaccurate.

  5. Great article

  6. Thank you for reading this article and pointing this out to us. We fixed it with your help and now it’s updated. We do apologize for any kind of confusion this article may cause.

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