Trump cuts both funding for health, science, environment agencies, and our hearts

Trump cuts both funding for health, science, environment agencies, and our hearts

President Trump is again demanding Congress to enact significant cuts to the resources of medicine and health companies while supporting research considered vital to national security.

The 2021 budget request released on Monday to Congress holds approximately 10 percent reduction to Health and Human Services and a 26 percent decrease to the Environmental Protection Agency.

It demands improvements in funding for study on quantum computing and artificial intelligence, operations in which the United States struggles with China. President Trump also requires to award NASA a multibillion-dollar boost to support the space company put astronauts back on the moon.

Trump budgets have regularly targeted companies and plans that deal with science, health and the environment, but the demanded cuts have little prospect of getting support from the House of Representatives, which has the authority of the purse and a Democratic majority.

An Urgent Conference

The administrators took a conference call with journalists on Monday to promote the promotion in science and technology. The budget application calls for $25 million to be employed for developing the National Quantum Internet, which would in theory be difficult to mangle and would exploit findings in quantum computing.

“As the Roman poet Ovid once stated, the gods favor the bold,” stated Paul Dabbar, undersecretary for physics at the Energy Department.

Kelvin Droegemeier, the leader of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, related that research and development “are at the complete forefront” of Trump’s plan.

But the 2021 Trump budget accepted a chilly response from nonprofit groups that advocate for the study.

“The administration’s planned budget cuts to study risk slowing our nation’s ability just when it is reaping profits for all Americans in the forms of better health, a more robust economy, a more sustainable ecosystem, a more innocuous world, and awe-inspiring perception,” answered Sudip Parikh, the chief executive of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

“The President’s recommended budget is a critical mistake for science and overlooks the many ways in which science fuels our economy, safeguards our protection, enhances our health and well-being, and is important for a thriving future,” said Chris McEntee, a chief executive and executive manager of the American Geophysical Union.

The Trump government expects to reduce approximately 50 EPA programs. “Environmental security must go hand-in-hand with a strong market, as proven by America’s sustained improvements to air quality and public health while concurrently improving the economy,” the administration’s Office of Management and Budget signed.

The Energy Department would get an assistance in funding for safeguarding the atomic weapons stockpile, a core mission, but outside that plan would see a 28.7 percent cut, including more than 1 billion cut from its $7 billion science curriculum.

The budget application would trim funding for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by almost 16 percent. HHS officials announced they want the CDC to focus on its core purpose of preventing and controlling infectious illnesses and on other developing public health issues, such as opioid misuse.

The officials goal is to take the money that would usually go to fund specific disease opposition activities and funnel it into a single block grant to states. The budget says chronic illnesses such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes have general risk factors, and thus strengthening funds “can help magnify the public health impact.”

However, the budget decreases overall funding for global health, from $571 million to $532 million in 2021, officials created out an extra $50 million for global health protection, which are measures aimed at disease discovery and difficulties. That bump occurs at the expense of international HIV/AIDS programs, which is being cut by about $58 million.

Final Words

Prices reduction in the health sphere can become a disaster with unpredictable outcomes, yet let us hope for the better.

Oleg Kasenkov

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