Onepoint Patient Care Opens A Hospice-Dedicated Pharmacy in Delaware

Onepoint Patient Care Opens A Hospice-Dedicated Pharmacy in Delaware

OnePoint Patient Care, a business manager in local hospice pharmacy, e-prescribing technologies, and Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) resolutions, has declared intentions to start a new hospice-dedicated drugstore in Newark, Delaware.

Expected to begin in the first quarter of 2020, the drugstore is part of OnePoint’s national development of its local drugstore example, with the capacity to serve hospice the sufferers through the Delaware Valley, including the Philadelphia urban area.

“We do realize how challenging it might be for hospices in many markets to get a steady supply of medicines. We’re thrilled to advance our local dispensing assistance to Newark and the encompassing area to assist our hospice co-workers in serving their sufferers even more effectively and compassionately,” stated Jeffrey Hohl, OnePoint Patient Care CEO.

Hospice Medicines

OnePoint’s unmatched local neighborhood, a large table of hospice medicines, and local service capabilities provide innovative, service-centric hospices with a particular local hospice drugstore to fill all their patients’ prescription needs, including same-day and STAT performance.

OnePoint’s skilled pharmacologists practice in hospice care, providing 24-hour clinical guidance, custom prescription compounding, and remedial recommendations. Besides, the OneConnectPoint™ medication administration certificate makes patient prescription fulfillment and e-prescribing more accessible than ever for working hospice clinicians.

This year, OnePoint has exposed areas in Southern California, Houston, and the Philadelphia metropolitan area in acknowledgment of the growing interest by hospices generally for its local dedicated hospice drugstore standard. In addition to the drugstore in Newark, DE, OnePoint plans to supplement stores in the Midwest and the Eastern U.S. in 2020.

Contemporaneously with OnePoint’s nationwide system of more than 65,000 locally closed the drugstores, OnePoint’s dedicated Hospice Pharmacy Centers of Excellence® assure the sufferer’s timely entrance to medicine whenever and where they require it.

“Delaware Hospice has an excellent 37-year service credit for producing excellent end-of-life care to the sufferers everywhere the complete state of Delaware and part of Pennsylvania.

Since the hospice and palliative care industry continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, Delaware Hospice needs a drugstore partner that can advance our purpose of service quality using the most high-level technologies, clinical practice, and service delivery responsiveness. OnePoint Patient Care is the perfect expansion of our service and mark,” remarked Michelle Burris, Delaware Hospice CFO.

Brief Review Of OnePoint Patient Care

OnePoint Patient Care is the nation’s leading provider of community-based hospice medicine and pharmacy benefits management (PBM) assistance offering hospices nationwide adjustable and flexible resolutions for their hospice pharmacy requirements. OnePoint fills directions, creates custom unions and methods, provides home deliveries, and manages drugstore benefits for more than 32,000 patients per day.

Within its Concierge PBM, Next Day Valet mail order, and Direct Express local settings, OnePoint serves more than 300 hospice applications and is accessible in 50 states.

OnePoint was one of the first stores to begin serving the hospice application when the Medicare hospice benefit started in the 1980s. Today, OnePoint has evolved to be one of the advance national hospice drugstores, with 15 existing and planned drugstore locations strategically placed throughout the United States.

Delaware Hospice Facts

Delaware Hospice has been contemptuously serving hospice sufferers since 1982. Delaware Hospice presents the highest quality hospice and healthcare assistance and serves as an advanced community partner in end-of-life knowledge and help.

They understand it is necessary to have a stated purpose, and they strive to live our mission every day.

The organization wants to demonstrate our values and our regular commitment so that our sufferers and their families comprehend who they are and the level of care they can assume.

Our initial determination is to foster dignity, peace, and comfort throughout a person’s final days while providing the highest degree hospice and healthcare services and serving as a trusted community partner in end-of-life guidance and assistance.

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