Eyevance Pharmaceuticals: Something Good For Thought

Eyevance Pharmaceuticals: Something Good For Thought

The acquisition supports Eyevance’s state as an emerging master in managing anterior segment and visual surface forms.The company performs its 7th strategic performance in two years.

Eyevance Pharmaceuticals, assigned to producing and marketing innovative and impactful ophthalmic goods, is gratified to declare the purchase of TOBRADEX® ST (tobramycin/dexamethasone ophthalmic suspension) 0.3%/0.05% and NATACYN® (natamycin ophthalmic suspension) 5% from Novartis.

“The purchase of TOBRADEX® ST and NATACYN® further illustrates Eyevance’s responsibility and mission to assist the doctors that handle patients’ anterior part and ocular surface infirmities,” stated Jerry St. Peter, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Director, Eyevance Pharmaceuticals.

Reliable And Robust Eyevance

“Today’s market terms and extended payer coverage place both results for robust and continued growth. Our reliable and robust Eyevance selling force looks forward to raising consciousness, driving growth, and improving support for these ‘gold standard’ offerings.”

TOBRADEX® ST (tobramycin/dexamethasone ophthalmic suspension) 0.3%/0.05%, FDA-approved in the United States, is a fixed-dose local antibiotic and corticosteroid sequence recorded for steroid-responsive incendiary ocular conditions for which a corticosteroid is registered and where external bacterial ocular infection or a risk of bacterial visual disability exists.

“Having directed my occupation on the cornea and inappropriate ahead ocular surface temperature, the need for an active fixed-dose mixture of a corticosteroid and medicine is important within my stable community,” stated Paul Karpecki, O.D., Director of Cornea at Kentucky Eye Institute in Lexington, Kentucky.

“It is interesting to observe Eyevance acquire TOBRADEX® ST, given the product’s outstanding legacy treating ocular diseases. My sufferers experiencing illnesses such as blepharitis or conjunctivitis need a combination product and will proceed to profit from Eyevance’s commercialization of TOBRADEX® ST.”

Eyevance also acquired the global equities to NATACYN®, the first and only FDA-approved ocular antifungal, which is listed on The World Health Organization’s (WHO) list of essential medicines. Elegance is excited by the opportunity to provide a safe and productive therapeutic to meet the most critical needs of the global health system.

NATACYN® (natamycin ophthalmic suspension) 5% is indicated for the treatment of fungal blepharitis, conjunctivitis, and keratitis generated by susceptible organisms, including Fusarium solani keratitis.

“Fungal eye diseases are uncommon but can be very dangerous,” explained Francis Mah, M.D., Cornea, External Disease and International Expert on Corneal Infections, Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, California. “While the most frequent cause of fungal eye disease is as a result of an eye injury, it is also necessary to note that subjects who have had an operation to reconstruct their corneal endothelium are at higher risk of fungal eye diseases.

It’s right to see Eyevance acquire NATACYN®, as it is our only FDA-approved, commercially available topical ocular antifungal. Increasing awareness of fungal infections, including NATACYN® therapeutic benefits and its availability, continues to be very relevant to the ophthalmic society.”

Since commencement in September 2017, Eyevance has received or licensed goods that treat ocular conditions or circumstances that may require an antibiotic, corticosteroid, antihistamine, antibiotic/corticosteroid, tear lubricant, antifungal, or the rare disease/orphan condition of persistent epithelial injuries. The popular group of the anterior segment and ocular surface remedies assists in driving Eyevance’s business approach.

The acquisition of TOBRADEX® ST and NATACYN® describes the latest milestone in Eyevance’s growth strategy, which saw the purchase or licensing of many ophthalmic pharmaceutical results in 2017 and 2018.

This involves FLAREX® (fluorometholone acetate ophthalmic suspension) 0.1% from Novartis, ZERVIATE® (cetirizine ophthalmic solution) 0.24% from Nicox Ophthalmics, FRESHKOTE® Preservative-Free (PF) tear lubricant line from Focus Laboratories, four supplementary non-disclosed late-stage and FDA approved results; plus, its growing stage asset, NEXAGON® from OcuNexus for an orphan disease.

As part of the company’s marketing plan, Eyevance served the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) annual conference in San Francisco, California, from October 11-15, 2019 and will be at the American Academy of Optometry (AAOpt) yearly conference in Orlando, Florida from October 23-26, 2019. Interested eye care practitioners are delightful to visit Eyevance at AAOpt Booth #629 to learn more.

Hayfin Capital Management LLP provided debt financing and equity investment to support the transaction.

Elegance Pharmaceuticals

Eyevance Pharmaceuticals is a Fort Worth-based company committed to producing and degrading innovative and impactful ophthalmic products that enable optimal vision and better character of life for all patients. Eyevance explores to fasten a portfolio of products that address important unmet needs, including rare and orphan requirements, while also focusing on products with a legacy of proven fastener and efficacy.

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