Trividia Health: Diabetes Improvement

Trividia Health Diabetes Improvement

Trividia Health, Inc., the most comprehensive U.S. producer of store-brand goods for people with diabetes, and Mellitus Health, Inc., a principal innovator of software for diabetes administration professionals who administer insulin therapy, have partnered to produce several resolutions to help change diabetes care through drugstores and pharmacy-based hospitals.

A lack of endocrinologists, connected with occasional doctor visits, has made the hole in diabetes care widespread. Due to their central neighborhoods and the ability to maintain routine healthcare needs (such as flu vaccinations), drugstores are already responding to this need by piloting chronic care management programs for people with diabetes.

Beginning mid-2020, Trividia Health and Mellitus Health will give customized answers to more than 48,000 drugstores and clinics that co-brand Trividia’s TRUE METRIX® brand of diabetes administration products to maximize the effectiveness, affordability, and accessibility of those applications.

Mellitus Health Partnership

“We aim to make the most suitable technology to store and, at the same time, be affordable to the person with diabetes and available to everyone,” stated Scott Verner, CEO, and President of Trividia Health. “Our clients in retail chains and self-governing drugstores have examined Trividia Health to deliver clarifications that maximize the convenience of in-store clinics and take the benefit of the great value consulting skills that community pharmacologists make to patients.

The partnership with Mellitus Health and the deployment of our new resolution will fill a need in the market and increase the quality of care for people with diabetes.”

Trividia Health and Mellitus Health’s joint resolutions will integrate Mellitus Health’s FDA (Food And Drug Administration)  received Insulin Insights® software, which examines a patient’s glucose meter data and creates an insulin dosing support for their health care expert.

Unique in the market, Insulin Insights® may manage all insulins, and all eight commonly used insulin regimens and practically every dosing scenario to address the insulin-dosing requirements of every person with diabetes.

“Regular, well-reasoned insulin dose improvements lead to better health results for sufferers and lower costs to the health care system overall,” stated Josh Davidson, CEO of Mellitus Health. “Our software is intended to make this level of care attainable in every clinical setting, including retail drugstores. We are pleased to partner with Trividia Health as they have broad product distribution at all of the major drugstore retailers.”

Trividia Health

Trividia Health, Inc. is a global health and wellness business founded in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and a principal developer, entrepreneur, and marketer of superior performance products for people with diabetes. With the goods marketed under REAL and store brand labels, the corporation is an independent partner and supplier of affordable, high-quality blood glucose monitoring and health and wellness resolutions for the world’s leading retail pharmacies, distributors, and mail service providers.

Mellitus Health, Inc.

Mellitus Health is a healthcare technology organization headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. Its FDA-cleared software Insulin Insights® assists clinicians to analyze blood-glucose director data and adjust a patient’s insulin regimen in seconds, using algorithms that are clinically proven to reduce HbA1c levels. Insulin Insights® uses algorithms increased over 35 years by Mayer B. Davidson, MD, a former president of the American Diabetes Association. Thousands of clinicians have been instructed in Dr. Davidson’s insulin dosing method, and his algorithms have been used for decades to manage blood sugar in some of the most challenging patient populations.

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