3 Reasons Why The Trend Of In-Office Dispensing Is Rapidly Increasing

3 Reasons Why The Trend Of In-Office Dispensing Is Rapidly Increasing

Obviously, the era of patients having to toggle between the physician’s office and the pharmacy is rapidly going extinct. More than ever before in the entire history of medicine, medical personnel are giving a thought to auxiliary and ancillary-services as a panacea to an ever-shrinking income and an alarmingly broadening competition.

I think any random, not-formally-conducted research could spot so evidently that only a negligible number of medical outfits still operate the same way they did five years ago.

For medical outfits and institutions, the financial borders shrink speedily, while the competition hikes. In a bit to raise head above the waters many a number of physicians and specialists are beginning to consider (or have long considered and started) in-office dispensing.

It’s suddenly a real tussle to attract clients, retain them and guarantee referrals via them. In health-care practices just like any other kind of business, the wisdom to employ at such a time is to cut down on customer stress and make your consumer experience a very easy one.

So, while the traditional practice would entail patients moving from the physician’s office to the lab, from the lab back to the physician’s office and from the physician’s office to the pharmacy to obtain their drugs, in-office dispensing is rapidly bridging the gap and ensuring patients get their prescribed drugs at the physician’s office.

Think of this as amazing ease, especially for patients who have to be carried around for the critical nature of their ailment.

When this started, many were found criticizing it as a deadly innovation that could send the pharmacies and pharmacists out of job or at minimum, leave a dent on their reputation and esteem. I sincerely consider this a myopic and shallow analogy. In a more candidly deep observation, I think the in-office dispensing innovation is rather an unconscious move to blur the lines between physicians, pharmacists and pharmacologists. This, of course, could be the long-awaited reform that could send parking, the demeanor and low esteem the physicians throw at the pharmacists!

One is now left to wonder why the innovative in-office dispensing seems to have hit the road running lately. Why is it suddenly a trend and what gives it the impetus to spread and increase with such wildfire alacrity?

That’s why I wrote this! Find reasons why in-office dispensing is on a rapid increase below:

Increased Revenue

While reimbursements decline, competition hikes and running costs multiply, the health-care business seems to be less lucrative by the day. As a matter of fact, many practitioners are giving their business models a second thought while others are packing off.

This is why many practitioners are rethinking their models and redefining their priorities. Hence, in-office dispensing is being widely embraced and this is why it is rapidly increasing.

Hospitals are finding it necessary to cut down on staffing, cut down cost and increase income. In-office dispensing seems to answer all of these. It entails patients finding more ease in the processes, encourages them to return and empowers them to refer others. In between the lines, the extra cost of staffing a pharmacy for hospitals who have them is cut down as the pharmacy is merged into the physician’s office.

Customer convenience, retentionand ensuring referrals

Nothing beats the convenience of a patient receiving their prescribed medications immediately.

This may not be outrightly said, but sincerely, the thought of having to journey to a pharmacy after seeing the physician sure weakens many patients.

When the patients are conveniently served, they tend to be retained and they spontaneously refer their friends and loved ones. This is extremely beneficial to the health-care firm!

In another light, the certainty of having medical instructions and encouragements duly filled by medical staff at the office (unlike what’s mostly the case in pharmacies) is an added advantage as it ensures that patients get to adhere religiously to prescriptions and thereby, increases the result they get with their health and subsequently, a higher satisfaction.

See, when patients default on their medical prescriptions, it affects the result they get health-wise. So, in a bit to ensure customer satisfaction, retention, and subsequent referrals, in-office dispensing is the sure hack as it improves patients’ compliance and eventual health outcomes.

This is obviously one of the major reasons in-office dispensing is taking the center stage.

Advertising distinction

In a world as noisy and competitive as ours, normal is incredibly boring. The unique nature of in-office dispensing sets it apart from other traditional medical practices. It’s obvious that in-office dispensing is witnessing such a significant acceptance because it is a value-added service and coupled with its uniqueness, it brings marketing forth as unique and more productive.

Being that not many establishments are into this yet, practitioners who embrace in-office dispensing have an edge over others when it comes to advertising. As a matter of fact, in-office dispensing is a self-marketable innovation. Nearly every patient that experiences it wants to be back again and again and again. This is definitely good for business.

While on the normal surfaces the competition is overwhelmingly high, a unique service like in-office dispensing sets apart practitioners and forces a decline in their competition. This is one of the big reasons physicians and other specialist practitioners are giving this a go.

On the general surface, this is even healthier for the society in that, getting embrace prescribed drugs right at the physician’s office narrows down on every administrative error that could cause patients to possibly mistakenly be given drugs other than the ones inscribed on the prescription sheets. The confidence of patients is boosted, their adherence to instructions more assured and the entire medical process eased.

Guest author: Jack Deen 
writes on Digital Marketing, Real Estate, Shipping, Medical as well as Logistics relevant subjects.

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