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Bronze Simple- HSA

Field Data
Health Insurance Plan ID91908OK0010014
Health Insurance Plan Year2021
Health Insurance IssuerOscar Insurance Company
Last Plan Update DateWed, 26 Oct 2022 00:00 GMT
Last Import DateSun, 28 May 2023 07:51 GMT

Copay & Coinsurance of Bronze Simple- HSA Health Insurance Plan, 91908OK0010014

Drug Tier Pharmacy Type Copay amount Copay option Coinsurance rate Coinsurance option Mail Order

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) about Bronze Simple- HSA, 91908OK0010014 Health Insurance Plan, 91908OK0010014

Does Bronze Simple- HSA Health Insurance Plan, 91908OK0010014 support Mail Ordering?

Unfortunately, this health insurance plan does not support mail ordering or the plan data in not available.


Disclaimer: This is based on the import(Date: Sun, 28 May 2023 07:51 GMT) of the data from Healthcare Issuers listed by CMS. While we make every effort to ensure that data is accurate, you should assume all results are unvalidated. Source:, HealthPorta HEALTHCARE MRF API