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BlueValue Bronze 50 7500

Field Data
Health Insurance Plan ID37160ND2410028
Health Insurance Plan Year2023
StateNorth Dakota
Health Insurance IssuerBlue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota
Plan Marketing Materials URLMarketing URL
Last Plan Update DateThu, 24 Nov 2022 00:00 GMT
Last Import DateFri, 31 Mar 2023 05:06 GMT
Available Variants of the Health Plan





Copay & Coinsurance of BlueValue Bronze 50 7500 Health Insurance Plan, 37160ND2410028

Drug Tier Pharmacy Type Copay amount Copay option Coinsurance rate Coinsurance option Mail Order

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) about BlueValue Bronze 50 7500, 37160ND2410028 Health Insurance Plan, 37160ND2410028

Does BlueValue Bronze 50 7500 Health Insurance Plan, 37160ND2410028 support Mail Ordering?

Unfortunately, this health insurance plan does not support mail ordering or the plan data in not available.


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