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Paeonia officinalis - Prescription Drug Labeling

Product NDC Code 15631-0326
Drug Name

Paeonia officinalis

Type Generic
Active Ingredients
Paeonia officinalis root 1 [hp_x]/1
Route ORAL
Dosage Form PELLET
Labeler Name Rxhomeo Private Limited d.b.a. Rxhomeo, Inc
Package NDC Code Description
15631-0326-0 100 pellet in 1 package (15631-0326-0)
15631-0326-1 200 pellet in 1 package (15631-0326-1)
15631-0326-2 400 pellet in 1 package (15631-0326-2)
15631-0326-3 750 pellet in 1 package (15631-0326-3)
15631-0326-4 2500 pellet in 1 package (15631-0326-4)
15631-0326-5 12500 pellet in 1 package (15631-0326-5)

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